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Babies who have only known the taste of breast milk or formula since their birth will now begin to practice eating a variety of foods. Baby food for this purpose is weaning food.


Since babies’ growth and development varies from person to person, it is important to prepare weaning food in a way that suits the baby’s needs.

Breast milk or formula is also sufficient for baby’s nutritional requirements, so do not force the process, and enjoy feeding your baby when he or she feels good.


The standard time to begin weaning is around 5 to 6 months of age, and to complete the program is around 12 to 18 months of age.

Adjust the size and softness of the food according to the baby’s pace, and gradually increase the variety and amount of food.

Weaning food is an opportunity for babies to know a variety of foods and to develop an interest and curiosity in eating, so that they can

Since babies’ growth and development vary from person to person, it is important to prepare baby food in a way that suits the baby’s growth and development each time.

Let’s go through the stages of preparation, early stage, mid-stage, late stage, and completion in order.
At first, it is important to get used to it, so gradually increase the amount of food.

Adjust the amount and consistency according to the baby’s growth and development, and do not overdo it.


■Pre-weaning period


This is the time when the first priority is to become accustomed to tastes other than breast milk or formula, and to get used to the spoon.

Liquids are the preferred form of cooking at this time.

Fruit juices and soups should be lined before feeding.

Use a variety of fruits and vegetables to familiarize them with tastes other than breast milk and formula.



Early stage of weaning (around 5 to 6 months)


Let’s practice swallowing food.

Weaning foods at this stage is once a day.

Start by practicing swallowing mellow food! Don’t think about nutrients yet!



The middle stage of weaning (around 7 to 8 months)

Weaning food twice a day to establish a rhythm of eating.

Practice munching and gulping.

Increase the variety of foods to enjoy different tastes and textures.



■Late stage of weaning (around 9 to 11 months)


Enjoy eating three times a day around the table with others.

Babies can chew with their gums and move their tongues from side to side in this stage.

Let’s practice how to make a regular rhythm (three times a day) and how to chew well.



Completion stage of weaning(12-18 months)

Let’s feel the joy of eating by yourself!

End of weaning is just around the corner.

Let’s keep a good rhythm of eating three times a day.