Not to mention the gentle taste and bright colors of the original vegetables
as well as the nutrients of the vegetables.
Simply add water to make it easy to prepare the backed vegetables.
It is a delicious and easy way to take vegetables that are often in short supply.
This is a product that will greatly expand the range of your daily cooking.

Product line-up

We are particular about raw materials.
We deliver products that are safe and secure for everyone to eat.
We deliver products from Hokkaido to all over Japan.

We develop and sell a variety of products such as vegetable flakes made from 100% Hokkaido vegetables, products using vegetable flakes, as well as retort pouches and steamed bread mixes.

Baby Food

Vegetable flakes are 100% Hokkaido vegetables
Add water to make it back-fed.
Hassle-free, safe, and easy

It can be easily used as baby food by simply adjusting the amount of water according to your preferred use.